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Through this donation, we aim to strengthen Aquatic Capital of America's efforts in reaching out to the community and ensuring every child has the opportunity to learn how to swim. This initiative is about teaching a skill and fostering confidence, safety, and a lifelong love for the water.

Together, we can ensure that every child in Long Beach has the chance to thrive and stay safe in and around water.

Saturday, June 15 - Long Beach

Our team came together on Saturday, June 15th, for a great cause. We proudly presented a check for $3000 to Aquatic Capital of America to support their initiative, "Water Proof Our Youth", within Long Beach. This donation will make a difference in the lives of local children by funding essential swim lessons.

Aquatic Capital of America is a local non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate drowning and injuries among youth through education and swimming lessons. Their initiative ensures that all children, regardless of their financial means, have access to resources that teach them how to swim, making our community safer and more inclusive.

Saturday, March 23 - Long Beach

The team enjoyed each other's company and came together to celebrate successes of so many amazing people on our team! From recognizing our top notch coaches, new records set by some super fast Grunions, to our growing open water crew, it was obvious how talented and caring our team is. Each year, the board and team recognizes a few extra special individuals for their Grunion Love, dedication to themselves as swimmers, and time spent bettering the team.
Most Improved - Jocelyn Atkinson, Jeff Moose Dobra
Coaches Award - Liz Carlin
Team Spirit Award - Sean Vosberg
MVP - Stephen Morris

Sunday, February 25 - Palm Springs

Grunion's sun-soaked adventure at the Palm Springs meet was a blast! 🌞✨ Swimmers, clinching numerous 1st places in both individual and relay events. It was a day of fun, camaraderie, and thrilling races. The spirit of friendship and exceptional swimming united everyone. This meet wasn't just about the victories; it was a celebration of the team's passion and dedication.

Sunday, January 20 - Long Beach

Over 30 Grunions took the plunge competing in the 1 Hour Championship Swim at Belmont Pool. Despite the sky showering its version of applause, they made waves! Rain? No problem! For our Grunions, getting drenched is all part of the adrenaline-pumping fun. Congratulations to all who competed and completed this event.

Sunday, August 13 - Mission Viejo

The team was out in force at the Mission Viejo Regional Championships on August 11th, 12, and 13th. The 15 Grunions that attended the meet set multiple team records and several USMS Top Ten placements. As a result, The Long Beach Grunions came in strong with a 5th-place Team Finish.

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The Long Beach Grunions are a fun, high energy USMS swim team promoting diversity and inclusion. We offer a supportive swim environment with helpful coaches and workouts for swimmers
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