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In compliance with the California Department of Public Health and the City of Long Beach, the Grunion are temporarily suspending all workouts. Your health and safety is very important to us, and wish you the best during this time.

Saturday, May 23 - Long Beach, California

The Grunions are exploring the creation of a water polo team! The purpose is to build skills & camaraderie, and show off what we've learned in a few short months at the Salt Lake City International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics Games in May of 2021.

Led by Dean Zrucky, a current member of the Long Beach Grunions swim team, and former water polo coach, the Grunions are looking to see if there is interest in the community to join our organization in starting a masters water polo team. Dean has experience coaching high school, from freshmen girls to varsity teams that reached the quarterfinals in CIFs a few times in San Diego. So whatever your current level, we're ready to have you join our team & become a better water polo player.

If you are currently a member of the Grunions and have an interest in water polo, please fill out this form. If you a not currently a member of the Grunions, please fill out this form.

Thursday-Sunday, February 20-24 - Melbourne, Australia

IGLA 2020 in Melbourne was a big success for the Team. Every Grunion who swam won at least one medal and the team won the Medium Team Division Championship. There were a number of personal best swims from our Team. Congratulations Grunions!

Thursday-Sunday, February 20-24 - Melbourne, Australia

Congratulations to our very own Pat Powers who won the gold as the fastest female swimmer in the Open Water competition in the 5K Open Water Race!

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