Join Us

We have swimmers of all levels and we strongly encourage anyone interested in swimming to come join us in the pool. We welcome beginners! If you are really uncertain about joining, come by and watch one of our practice sessions, talk to our coach and swim team members and get to know us.

Our Membership Coordinator is happy to answer all of your questions and can be reached at


  • You have the desire to be part of a fun, dynamic swim team
  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You can swim one length of pool (25 meters or yards; don't worry about speed, distance or technique)
  • Long Beach Grunions membership: $45 per month
  • USMS Membership: $61 per year (as of 2018)
  1. Complete the Grunion application and send to You will receive a welcome email explaining how to pay your monthly dues.
  2. Join USMS here and select Long Beach Grunions (LBG) as your team! Keep your annual registration current.
  3. Come to practice!

Grunions Dues

Your monthly dues help keep the team functioning. They pay for pool rental, club registration to the USMS, insurance, etc. Your dues also cover your entry fee at the pool each time you attend practice. Payable the first day of every month, dues are nonrefundable, as the coach and pool must be ready for practice regardless of whether or not you can make every practice.


USMS membership is required. Benefits of membership are a subscription to SWIMMER magazine, eligibility to enter Masters swim meets, discounts from USMS partners and exclusive content on the USMS site. They also provide our insurance. New members have a one-month trial before they are required to join USMS. If you choose to do the one-month trial, complete this form and bring it with you to your first practice.