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Written by Drewbacca Giacobe   
Sunday, 05 October 2014 14:11




Congrats to the Grunions for setting records during July and August!  In July, the team headed up to Santa Barbara for a tune-up meet prior to Gay Games, where (among other record-setters), Roger French dominated his age group's times in all of the breaststrokes.

Gay Games in Cleveland saw many records fall while we all had a great time swimming with teammates old and new.  Perhaps one day, Brian may be able to set a record at Gay Games without destroying his body in the process and winding up in the ER.  For those who don't know, in 2006, Brian took home a gold medal in Chicago's Gay Games in the 1500 while suffering from the flu and vomiting in the gutter at the halfway point-he developed bronchitis in the days that followed.  This time, in Cleveland, he swam the entire meet in record setting fashion, to wind up in the ER with acute diverticulitis on his final day in Cleveland.  He's fine now-but please encourage him to eat his vegetables whenever you see him.

It was great see the Laguna Beach arm of the Grunions (Craig Coffin and Sara Gilliland) take down some of the team's records, since we so rarely get to see them-always great to share the Grunion Love!  Sara interleaved a demanding schedule of sweeping the Diving events at Gay Games while handily taking down the 50 back record, and in the one event that Craig swam that he did not set a record in, he gave us a performance we will likely never forget, by forgetting to tie his suit prior to the 800 free - you really cracked us all up, Craig!  

And not to outdone by her own record-setting performances at Gay Games, Heather Lambert followed up the meet with a trip to the SPMS LCM championships where she set records in the 200 and 400 freestyles on her way to crushing the team's previous mark in the 800 free.

Just as a reminder, Grunions, please let me know if you believe you've set a record in an off-nominal mode (ie, relay lead off split, or a split for a shorter distance during a longer swim)-I don't always catch those on my own!

Reg Richardson Memorial, Santa Barbara, LCM (7/12/2014)


Roger French (M60-64):

50 Breast       48.29

100 Breast     1:47.90

200 Breast     4:01.46

Heather Lambert (F60-64):

50 Free           36.05

200 Fly           3:49.21

100 Fly           1:43.18

50 Back          48.96

Kim Onisko (M55-59):

100 Fly           1:57.73

Stan Smith (M65-59):

100 Fly           2:24.28

Cleveland Gay Games 9 LCM (8/10 - 8/15/2014)


Craig Coffin (M65-69):

200 Free        2:56.81

100 Free        1:18.74

400 Free        6:02.73

1500 Free      24:20.36

Jax Cole (F30-34):

100 Fly           1:27.93

200 Breast     3:28.31

400 Free        5:31.09

200 Fly           3:23.43

Sara Gilliland (F35-39):

50 Back          44.53

Anne Jacobus (F60-64):

100 Back        2:04.35

400 Free        8:06.90

Brian Kremers (M40-44):

200 Free        2:17.22

800 Free        10:09.18

50 Free*         27.96

400 Free**     5:01.54

*Relay Lead off

**400 split of 800 Free

Heather Lambert (F60-64):

200 IM           3:28.31

50 Fly             38.95

50 Free           34.44

MVN LCM Champs (8/22-8/24/2014)


Heather Lambert (F60-64):

800 Free        13:15.69

200 Free*       3:21.59

400 Free*       6:47.30

*Split from 800 Free

Kim Onisko (M55-59):

400 Free        7:01.93

Written by James Stacey Q Quintanilla   
Sunday, 05 October 2014 14:08


Popping bears in our mouth and tasting that colorful goo was the scene at Pistons during our fundraiser. We sold Gummy Shots, Jello Shots and raffle prizes. The Jello shot boys all looked hot and we were all definitely glistening with sweat as we walked around our swim attire. At one point I was glistening from beer, as a kind and thoughtful Piston's patron decided it would be hot to pour beer down my Speedos ;).


The pistons fundraiser went really well. We raised about $2,000! I couldn't have done it without my volunteers and everyone who helped out! We had plenty of raffle prizes including some pretty amazing ones, like Gift certificates to Hangar 18 Rock Climbing Gym and Paper Crane Tattoo Studio. We even had a $200 bottle of liquor donated, to name a few.


I really want to thank all of my volunteers for taking one for the team and strutting their stuff. Thanks to my jello shot & raffle ticket sellers for hustling out there. Thank you Ivan Sim, Dean Zrucky, Ryan Smith, Joseph Tarwater, Mike Burdick, Jerry Corsi, Yuji Utsumi, Stan Smith, Don Derbyshire, Steve Reinisch, Ryan Blaney, Bart Parnes. This event could not happen without your help.



I also want to thank everyone that donated prizes, the FrontRunners for showing us lots of love and support, and everyone who spread the news about this fundraiser. We did very good.


Thanks Howard for all of your help. The team solidarity that was shown that weekend was incredible!


Go Grunions!


How about another fundraiser???
--James Quintanilla


Team Records Print
Written by Drew Giacobe   
Sunday, 05 October 2014 11:23


Team Records Set May/June 2014


No team records were set during the month of May.  Congrats to the following swimmers for setting new team records set in June! 

Mission Viejo LCM (6/1/2014)


Heather Lambert (F60-64):

100 Free        1:19.47

200 Back        4:06.80

200 Breast     4:13.38

400 IM           7:45.52

Anita Cole (F65-69):

100 Free        2:42.92

200 Free        5:17.71

100 Back        3:33.11

100 Breast     3:38.52

200 IM           7:05.05

Kim Onisko (M55-59):

1500 Free      29:24.59

Stan Smith (M65-69):

200 IM           4:12.75

California Senior Games LCM (6/22/2014)


Anita Cole (F65-69):

100 Fly           4:09.05

SAVE THE DATE! The Infamous Pistons Fundraiser Is Back! Print
Written by James Quintanilla   
Tuesday, 19 August 2014 11:15

SAVE THE DATE! The infamous Pistons fundraiser is back. So mark your calendars, for Sunday, September 14th at 3pm.


We all know how much this fundraiser is loved by many, so lets make this one better than ever. However, your help is needed and very much appreciated. 


Please view the flyer for more information and remember to come in your swim attire! 


Please email me (James Quintanilla) if you would love to volunteer or have any donations for me. Email me if you have any additional questions or if you just want to be my friend =).  You can email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Here's the flyer:




Things I will need:


* jello shot sellers.


* male swimmers to volunteer for the wet boxer contest and someone to collect their money.


* a few people to help with the front door, collect cover charge etc.

            Time slots that need to be filled are:

            *  3:00pm-3:30pm

            *  3:30pm-4:00pm

            *  4:00pm-4:30pm

            *  4:30pm-5:00pm

            *  5:00pm-5:30pm

            *  5:30pm-6:00pm

            *  6:00pm-6:30pm

            *  6:30pm-7:00pm

            *  7:00pm-7:30pm

Let me know if you are willing to be the door b*tch for a bit ;)


* raffle prizes! 


If you work for an organization (or if you know of an organization) that can donate its services, massages, great deal, packages and such, please let me know if its possible for you to get something from that organization for our raffle prizes.


* raffle ticket sellers

The most important part:


Lets have fun and spread the word. Tell all of your gay friends or friends you know that will love this event to come and support the Grunions! Pass the flyer along! Lets bust our booty and make this fundraiser amazing!

 Thank you!


Love, peace and water sports!

--James Quintanilla

Written by Stan Smith   
Tuesday, 19 August 2014 11:13

Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 11th at the Silverado Pool from 6:15pm to 7:30pm for our annual "Grunion Swim Suit Sale".  CAS will be coming out to the pool with all different types of swim suits, swim gear and other accessories.  Check out the following two attachments for further details.  

Here are the details, order forms and more information, so click below!!

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